This website is demo of the "Meeting Schedule" extension for Joomla 3.x

The integration of the meetings can be done via a special tag inside an article as illustrated below.
You can also create menu items to make reference to the meetings as illustrated in the top right menu.


  • A reset of this website is performed every day.
    So your data may be lost at any moment depending on when the restore is performed.
  • If you want a limited access to the administration, of the meeting schedule, this is possible.
    See the section "Give me a trial demo website" below

Sample for the List of meetings

Sample code : {MeetingSchedule style = list | user_ids=123,456,789 | scope=user /}

ID Title
1 Demo #1
100 Meeting #1

Sample for the List of attendees

Sample code : {MeetingSchedule id=1 | style = table | show_title=1 /}

List of Attendees: Demo #1
Pseudo 14-feb-2014
From 5am till 7pm
From 5am till 7pm
From 5am till 7pm
0 0 0 Resto: 0 | Sandwish: 0

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